Women’s washing machine buying skills

In the face of a wide range of Women’s washing machine products in the market, how to buy it? Is there any purchase skills?





1. Observe the surface of the sanitary ware. Be sure to observe it closely at a close distance under the strong light source.


2. Use water droplets to check the surface sewage capacity of the sanitary ware, take a small amount of water with your hands, and point the water to the surface of the sanitary ware. When you point to the surface of the sanitary ware, the surface of the water to the sanitary ware is expanded to spread into a piece, which indicates that the smoothness of the sanitary ware surface is not enough.


3. Small nozzle experience: You can experience the speed and strength of the small nozzle at the scene.


4. Product services are more important, but many people do not care about the services provided by the product when buying a sanitary ware. They think that as long as you buy qualified products, there will be no problems. Most problems appearing in the theoretical family use It is caused by irregular installation. A high -quality sanitary ware must provide high -quality services.

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