Bathroom cabinet procurement skills

In the bathroom, there are many things that are necessary, such as bathroom cabinets. The bathroom cabinet is a furniture that we stores and store things. Before buying, we need to understand the knowledge of the product to choose a suitable product.


bathroom cabinet

bathroom cabinet


1. How to choose a table


The countertop materials of the bathroom cabinet are mainly ceramics, and others are artificial stones, glass and marble. Choose the countertop first to consider its pollution prevention capacity, second, whether it is easy to scrub, as well as shapes. Ceramics and artificial stones are recommended.


Ceramics should be the first choice of the bathroom counter. It has high hardness, high waterproof rate, and scratching fabric. It is not only clean and bright, but not easy to hang out.


Marble used to be very popular because of its natural texture decoration effect, but its disadvantages cannot be ignored: 1. Difficulty in processing, so the shape is single; 2. High water absorption rate, easy to produce cracks; 3. Difficulty in radiation; 4. expensive price.


2. How to choose the main material of the cabinet


The cabinet is an important aspect of buying a bathroom cabinet. The material of the cabinet is the key factor that determines the grade of the bathroom cabinet, whether it is durable and the service life. The selection of high -end bathroom cabinets is mainly solid wood, PVC, and density boards. It is recommended to prefer solid wood boards, followed by PVC boards. It is best not to buy density boards.


Although solid wood boards are higher in price, they are the most durable. Buying a bathroom cabinet with solid wood as a substrate, first of all, it depends on its construction technology. Whether the surface is flat, smooth, whether the paint is wrinkled, pimple, and so on. The solid wood cabinet with qualified workmanship is very good, and the effect of anti -mildew is very good, and it is not easy to deform.


The second is the PVC plate. The water resistance ability is undeniable. Since the PVC plate has a large amount of plastic ingredients, its environmental protection and high temperature (heating) capacity is greatly reduced.


The most unsuitable is the density board. Because the density board is suppressed by the broken wood, the moisture -proof ability is weak, and it is easy to mold, deform and peel in the humid air for a long time.


3. How to choose a mirror


Pay attention to two points for the purchase of the mirror. One is the quality of the mirror itself. This is very simple. If you take a picture yourself, you can see if there is no color change, and then see if there is a paper and the back panel on the back of the mirror to prevent mercury. The second is to see if it is multifunctional, whether there is a box behind the mirror, and whether there are boxes next to it, etc., which can make the bath more convenient.

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