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Purchasing skills of floor drain

As a member of the bathroom hardware accessories, although the floor drain is inconspicuous in modern home decoration, the role is irreplaceable. Whether the selection of the floor drain directly affects the life use in the future, so some precautions cannot be ignored regardless of whether it is purchasing a floor drain or installation of…

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Hotel mattress procurement skills

For the person in charge of hotel management, there may be a lot of confusion for the first purchase of a hotel mattress. What should I choose? Except for the price of the bottom of my heart, the other pride has no clue. What is it? What kind of hotel mattress is qualified? What should…

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Hotel engineering mattress selection

The hotel is a place of rest. It is a large degree of sleep quality to judge the quality of a hotel. A good mattress will add points to the hotel’s service. How to choose the right hotel mattress?     1. Elasticity of the mattress   In order to determine whether the elasticity of…

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