Household bathtub procurement skills

When purchasing a bathtub, not only is it clear about the size of the bathtub, but you can also choose the correct choice for what kind of bathtub to buy. At the same time, choose different styles and types of bathtubs based on your preferences and drainage.





Bathing Skills 1:Size size


The size of the household bathtub should be determined according to the size of the bathroom. Before buying, you need to measure the size of the bathroom first. Different shapes of bathtubs have different ground area. For example, the triangle and heart -shaped bathtubs installed in the corner occupy more space than ordinary rectangular bathtubs. Before buying, you need to consider whether the bathroom can be accommodated.


Bathtub purchasing skills 2:Height outlet height


The height of the bathtub out of the water outlet also needs to be considered. If the water depth is preferred, the location of the bathtub outlet is higher. If it is too low, once the water level exceeds this height, the water will be rowed out of the outlet. The depth of water is difficult to meet the depth of required.


Bath purchase technique 3:weight


Due to the different materials, the weight of the bathtub is also very different. Before buying, you need to consider the load -bearing capacity of your own bathroom ground, and choose bathtub products with a weight within the range of bearing.


Bathing Skills 4:Safety


When buying in the bathtub, you need to consider the particularity of members in the family, such as children, elderly people, etc. When choosing a bathtub, it is best to choose the lower side position, and you can also set the armrests in the appropriate position. In addition, the bathtub must be treated with non -slip treatment to prevent falls and ensure safety.


Bathing Skills 5:Function


Choose a bathtub with a general bathtub and a massage bathtub with special functions. When choosing a bathtub, you need to consider whether you really need some other functions and whether you can afford it. If you choose a massage bathtub, you need to consider that the massage bath is flushing with electric pumps, and the water pressure and electricity are high. Therefore, you need to consider whether the water pressure and power of your own bathroom meet the installation conditions.

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