Basin water faucet procurement skills

The basin water faucet is the hygienic cleansing with the highest frequency of the bathroom. Whether it is washing, toiletting, or doing some conventional cleaning and finishing, the pot faucet will be used. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a practical and durable tap.




1, look at the material


Check the tube of the tape of the basin and the plating layer on the surface. Generally, the good tube body is made of all copper, and the surface should be treated, polished, dust removal, nickel -plating, chrome -plating and other treatment processes to ensure that there will be no black hair and foaming off during use. The real all -bronze faucet is made of brass in the handle, conversion valve, decorative nut, wall cover, connecting nut and eccentric connecting, and the sheet shell. Copper -made faucet. You can judge quality according to the lightness of the faucet surface. The brighter and delicate can be seen in the naked eye, the better the plating process.


2, look at the shape


There are various shapes and water outlets of the basin faucet. Before buying, be sure to determine that the faucet is suitable for installation. Depending on the installation and opening position of the faucet, it is divided into wall -type and stand -up, single -hole and dual -hole, single cold and hot and cold use. At present, the most useful products are vertical hot and cold products. According to the difference between the outlet, there are vertical water out of water, tilted water, rotating water, pumping out of the water inlet, and wide mouth out of water.


3, look at the color


At present, the faucet on the market is the most common with stainless steel chrome chrome. Of course, there are some uncommon colors such as bronze and gold. Stainless steel chrome plating is generally simple style. Copper -colored faucets are generally Chinese style, and golden faucets are more suitable for European style, which helps to set off the exquisite and gorgeous of the entire bathroom.


4, turn the handle


When a good basin faucet rotates the handle, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and the switch is not blocked without slipping. The inferior pelvic faucet is large and has a large sense of obstruction.


5, listen to the sound


The material of the pot faucet is more difficult to distinguish. Generally speaking, the good faucet is all copper cast, and the sound of knocking is dull; if the sound of the knock is crisp, it should be stainless steel, and the quality of the grade is much different.


6, look at the valve core


The valve core is the most important component of the pot faucet, which is closely related to the experience and product life. Common leader valve cores include steel ball valve core and ceramic valve core. The steel ball valve core has good pressure resistance, but the rubber sealing ring is easy to lose and aging fast. It is recommended to choose the tap of the ceramic valve core, which is more heat -resistant and wear -resistant, has good sealing performance, and feels more comfortable and smooth. When buying, you can simply judge the quality of the valve core according to the feel of the rotating handle.


7, recognition mark


If you do n’t know how to distinguish it, it is recommended to choose a regular brand product. Generally, regular products have brand logos of manufacturers, while some non -formal products often only paste some paper labels, even without any labels. Be sure to pay more attention when buying.

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