Various board advantages of the wardrobe

With the development of the times, the sheets of the wardrobe have developed from a single solid wood board to the current various plates. Which one do you like these five plates?


1、Solid wood


The sheets made of pure natural wood have natural texture and wear -resistant load. They are currently a plate with higher environmental protection.



However, because it is a pure natural board, the cost is very high, and the price is the most expensive among all plates.


2、Multi -layer solid wood board


The sheets or thin woods cut into the wood are also called plywood.Because it is a multi -layered structure in itself, the structure is stable, the hardness is high, and the support is strong.



However, fatal defects are poor toughness and are easy to bend and deform. Especially when making cabinets with a height of more than 1.5 meters, the longitudinal stretching is too large, and the chance of deformation is very high.


3、Granular board


Wood or woody cellulose is used as a material, which is synthesized by the heating pressure of the adhesive.Because of this, its production cost is very low, and it has good stability and strong durability after the board is suppressed, so it has become the first choice for many custom wardrobe brands.



After all, the granular board is made of adhesive, and formaldehyde pollution is inevitable. Therefore, some merchants on the market promote their own plates to achieve “zero formaldehyde”. This is very virtual, so don’t trust it!


4、Ecological board


A kind of board with fir as a plate, a plate of melamine decorative surface, and some people call it: melamine/paint -free plate on the market. It is precisely because it has a layer of wood grain decorative paper on the surface of the wood and has less glue, so it does not have much pollution and high environmental protection.



However, one of the defects of the ecological board is that the force is uneven, the nailing force is poor, and it is easy to collapse. Therefore, it is more suitable for cabinet plates and for wardrobe plates. The cost performance is not high.


5、Density board


With wood fiber and glue sticky plates, the production cost is low but poor in environmental protection. The only advantage is that it is tough, it is not easy to deform and crack, and it is very suitable for cabinet doors.





From the perspective of cost -effective: granular boards > Multi -layer solid wood board> ecological board> density board > solid wood board


In terms of environmental protection: solid wood plates> ecological boards > Multi -layer solid wood board> granular board> density board

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