The function that the office chair should have

In the office, the desk and office chair are widely used by employees. Do you know what functions are needed in the office chair? Let’s get a science now.



1. You can adjust the height of the adjustment seat, and adjust the height of the seat according to your height and the extension of the legs.


2. It can be adjusted appropriately according to the needs of different situations, and always maintains the correct sitting position. Make your back naturally comfortable.


3. You can adjust the angle of the seat seat and adjust the open angle of the back and the seat. This can naturally slow down the legs and back pressure and maintain a comfortable posture.


4. You can adjust the height of the seat seat and the height of the handrail. According to the needs, it is simple and randomly adjusted to slow down the pressure on the neck and shoulders.


5. It should have the function of swinging adjustment to make the sitting position more comfortable.


6. You can adjust the depth of the board according to the height, thereby reducing the fatigue caused by long -term work.


7. It should have a certain pressure, perfect table cushion curve.

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