Smart toilets have changed the way people live

In recent years, toilet innovation has continued, from the material, shape and now intelligent, and the function has been improved. Smart toilet for people’s lives will certainly bring great convenience.





In fact, paper towels are not clean chrysanthemum, flushing is the cleanest and healthiest way.


Smart toilet “butt wash” and “women wash with” two cleaning function is its difference from the traditional toilet a key point, the general intelligent toilet nozzle has a self-cleaning function, and can be appropriate adjustment of the water temperature control, after the toilet flush a flush, clean, healthy and comfortable.




Go to the toilet and forget to flush often happens, most of the current intelligent toilets have self-cleaning function, after the toilet, the nozzle will automatically out of the water for cleaning residues.


Intelligent toilet extremely hip wash, women clean, drying and other various functions, a key operation can be said to be a full intelligent solution to the toilet problem, really is off the pants directly enjoy it. Completely solve the problem of the elderly, pregnant women and children at home after the toilet backhand wipe inconvenience. To provide us with a more comfortable toilet experience and convenient life.




Due to the cold seat, many people like to add a seat to the toilet seat in winter, with a long time breeding bacteria unhygienic, cleaning is not convenient.


Intelligent toilet seat automatic heating function, there is a thermostat function can choose their own comfortable temperature, can be described as very humane design. In addition, the design of the night light function also makes it more convenient to use the toilet in the middle of the night.

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