Smart home development status

Smart home is a platform, integrating buildings, network communication, smart home equipment, and service platforms. It integrates systems, services, and management.


Smart home


1. The penetration rate is increased, and the market capacity continues to increase


Smart homes have been emerging products since the 21st century. With the improvement of technological progress and consumer requirements for quality of life, the penetration rate of smart home has continued to increase. my country’s smart home starts late, and the market potential is huge.


2. The degree of intelligent product is constantly increasing


In recent years, IoT devices are becoming more and more powerful and smart, and their shapes and dimensions are shrinking. The enhancement of the communication protocol is providing larger scope and higher energy efficiency, and consumers are adding more networking equipment to their houses. All of this means the possibility of achieving more complex functional combinations, and a variety of devices can work seamlessly and intelligently.


3. The whole house customization becomes a new trend


With the upgrading of consumption, consumers are no longer just satisfied with standardized and popular home equipment, but have stronger customization and personalized needs. Custom furniture has developed rapidly by its tailor -made, high cost performance, and high space utilization rate. Compared with single -product furniture, the whole house customization can avoid consumers ‘time to select and match in different items, while at the same time, it can meet consumers’ overall personalized needs for home products. The whole house customization will become an important development trend in the future industry.


With the improvement of the national economy and science and technology, especially the rapid development and improvement of information technology such as computer technology, communication technology, network technology, and control technology, it has promoted the modernization, convenience, comfort, and humanization of family life. I hope that the above -mentioned analysis of the prospects of the smart home industry can help you. If you want to know about information about smart homes, please leave a message below.

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