Skills of purchasing wardrobes

Wardrobe is an important storage product in life, which requires both practical, beautiful and good quality conditions. So what are the skills to buy a satisfactory wardrobe?



Wardrobe purchase tips 1: First look at the board


Professional manufacturers choose environmentally friendly boards that meet the test standards, while some manufacturers choose inferior plates that seriously threatened human health. Therefore, when you buy a wardrobe, you should first see if there are plate detection reports and related test certificates.


Wardrobe buying tips 2: Pan -looking board surface


On the surface, it is pretty good. However, with a gently scratch with a nail, it can draw obvious scratches. These wardrobes use surface -stickers and gorgeous cardboard, poor abrasion resistance. Professional manufacturers use environmentally friendly melamine panels with high temperature and high pressure, which is resistant to abrasion and scratching.


Wardrobe buying tips 3: Paper Edge


Professional manufacturers adopt precision cutting cutting cutting plates. After sealing the edge around, it effectively prevents the water from entering the board in the air. Some manufacturers have no professional equipment and rough cutting. They only seal the edge of the edge of the board. It is easy to absorb the water in the air without sealing, which will cause the wardrobe deformation and affect the service life.


Wardrobe purchase tips 4: see processing method


Professional manufacturers use professional automatic edge seals, and the auxiliary materials used in the production process are environmentally friendly. Some manufacturers have no professional processing equipment. They use ordinary glue to artificially paint the edge, which is easy to get off. This gum contains harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, which seriously exceeds the standard and forms a potential threat to human health.


Wardrobe purchase technique 5. Backboard structure


Professional manufacturers use a thickness of 5mm or thicker backplanes, melamine planes, and use the embedded anti -leather overlapping structure to prevent the backboard from contacting the wall directly with the wall to absorb the moisture on the wall. Some brands, the back panel is thin, connected with a nail -connected backplate, the backboard is directly exposed to the wall. sex.


Wardrobe purchase skills 6. See if it is a professional home customization


Brand wardrobes are specialized in production. Functional parts (drawers, trousers, tie trays, etc.) are all standard design. The width, depth, and height are standard. , And in line with the concept of professional custom home furnishings.


Wardrobe purchase technique 7. Watch hardware accessories


Professional manufacturers adopt famous factory accessories and quality assurance. The accessories are often hidden, and it is difficult for consumers to recognize. Accessories are an important element of wardrobe, bookcase and sliding door, and an important indicator of ensuring comfort and durability of home products.


Wardrobe purchase technique 8. See the manufacturer’s anti -counterfeiting logo and service


Professional manufacturers have obvious manufacturers’ anti -counterfeiting signs in wardrobe border bar, door profiles, pulleys, and even plates. The quality and maintenance are guaranteed, and consumers can use it with confidence.


Wardrobe purchase skills 9. Look at furniture supporting and systemicity


Professional board furniture manufacturing enterprises can not only make wardrobes, cloakrooms, bookcases, but also provide system home supporting products such as shoe cabinets, wine cabinets, beds, dresses, bedside tables and rotating hams. After the overall coordination design, the troubles of consumers can go eastward and west. And the panel is unified, the color is coordinated, the style is matched, and the furniture is high.

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