Shower knowledge, maintenance, procurement

As a must -have product for bathroom bathing, choosing a good bathroom shower can make you have a higher quality of life. Now let’s learn the various knowledge of shower together. The shower, also known as the shower head, was originally a device for pouring flowers, potted plants and other plants. Later, someone was converted into a shower device to make it a common supplies in the bathroom.



Types of shower


1.according to the use of the shower, shower can be divided into three types: handheld shower, top spray and side spray shower.


1. Holding shower is the most common. The handheld shower can be used to use it, rinse, or use it on the shower socket or slide.


2. The top shower is generally packed in a higher position, and the water is vertically out of the water.


3. Side spraying is the side spray, which can adjust the angle. When the shower, you can massage the whole body.


2. Classified by the material of the shower, there are mainly three types of ABS, copper and stainless steel.


1.ABS shower is more common. The shape of the shower is diverse and the price is cheap, but the product life is relatively short.


2. The cost of copper shower is high and the product is durable. After plating, the product has a diverse color.


3. The style of stainless steel shower is also small and the size can be made very large.


Third, according to the scallion of water, it can be divided into single -function shower and multifunctional shower.


In addition, there are shower with other functions such as mood shower, constant temperature shower, and beauty shower.


What are the differences between shower bright and dark installation?


1. Different installation: After the bathroom is installed, the shower is installed directly on the wall. This hose is exposed. The dark installation is buried into the wall in the wall. Only the two types of shower head and switch are exposed.


2. Different concepts: The bright shower is not very beautiful from the visual effect, and the dark shower looks good, that is, it is more inconvenient to repair.


If the shower is broken, what do you usually do?


1. Common faults of shower nozzles: shower leaks.


The water sprayer is leaking at the connection of the water-sprayer — Use a dedicated adhesive to maintain it firmly to repair the shower, remove the handle of the nozzle, evenly apply the adhesive around the handle, then rotate the handle back and tighten, remove the more more, remove more The adhesive, turn the nozzle to the ball to replace the O -shaped seal.


2. Common faults of shower nozzles: There is a problem with the size of the water column of the nozzle.


If the water volume of the shower’s nozzle is large or small, most of the foreign body and scale are blocked or adjusted in improper. Clean the internal dirty things when repairing the shower.


3. Common faults of shower nozzles: shower heads are blocked.


Most of the scale inside the shower can be washed and rushed with vinegar or cola, and the eye holes of the maintenance of the shower cannot be pierced.


4. Common faults of shower nozzles: Dark pipes are damaged.


Hoster pipes and nozzles are two independent parts that can be separated. If the hose is broken, you can stick it with tape. If the water pipe and the faucet are connected, the water leaks.


The reason may be that improper installation causes the rubber ring to deform. When the water pipe connecting the water pipe is uneven or thinner, when the hose does not match the faucet, the solution is: select the appropriate hose and faucet according to the specifications, replace the rubber ring and then install it.


5. Common faults of shower nozzles: low water temperature.


Possible reasons: insufficient power of water heater, improper temperature adjustment. Solution: Adjust the temperature control button or buy a larger water heater.


How to buy a good shower?


1. Look at the appearance:


When buying a shower, what we see the first time must be that the shower is not closed. At this time, we have to observe whether the plating of the shower’s appearance and the electroplating layer of the tube is smooth and smooth. This is because of the bathroom. The surface of humid shower in the environment is generally chrome -plated, but it is also chrome -plated, and the process difference is different.


2. Look at the touch:


You can hold the shower accessories and judge the pros and cons of shower products. Now there are many merchants on the market that will use cast iron pipes to impersonate all copper pipes. When you buy accessories, you can hold the tube with your hands and wait for three seconds for three seconds. After loosening in the future, if the fog on the tube is not scattered for a long time, it is the cast iron pipe. Use this method to easily distinguish the iron pipe or copper pipe.


3. Ask the service life:


When buying, you can ask the material and service life of the goods to sell the goods. After all, we look at the surface and touch it. It depends on whether the material is good or not. The material and service life of the swiping valve core, is the shower switch made of ceramics?


4. Experience product:


In addition to seeing and asking directly, we can also experience on the spot. The direct test of the accessories is the best and most intuitive way. When we buy, we can let the shower tilt to the water. If not, then it means that the internal incident of this shower may generally not give us a good experience even if there are multiple ways to spray the water out of the water.



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