Purchasing skills of kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet occupies an important position in home life, because it is connected to our food, tableware, etc. The health of the kitchen faucet determines people’s health. Be careful when buying the kitchen faucet.




1. Easy to use


Washing vegetables, steaming rice, soup, brushing bowls … There are too many troublesome things in the kitchen. If the faucet comes to make trouble again, it is really impossible to live! With the faucet, when you use it, you have become a habit. The valve core, the position of the handle, and the switch method are important factor. The qualified faucet switch is flexible, and the feel will not feel too loose and not too tight when using it. Instead, it is closed quickly.


2. Simple cleaning


Oil stains and dirt in the kitchen will definitely not be small. When it falls on the faucet, it will accumulate oil stains, or your oil player will stain the faucet. Therefore, it is best to choose products that are not stained with oil and easy to scrub. This has a lot to do with the shape and coating of the faucet. Generally, the complicated and changeable faucet is easy to clean up the dead ends. The surface of the faucet with thin and low hardness and low hardness is easy to turn black and clean up. The fence is recommended that everyone still uses simple and hard -plating products, which can give province a lot of things.


3. Moderate size


Some families’ kitchen faucet is easy to splash, and the water falls into the middle of the sink … This is caused by ignoring the sink and kitchen faucet. When choosing a kitchen faucet, be sure to know the size of the sink, and choose the right faucet according to this size. Make sure that the angle of the outlet is in the middle of the sink. There may be a rotation of 180 ° or 360 °. The distance from the bottom of the sink is not easy to splash water.


4. Environmental protection water


The water consumption in the kitchen is very large, and the modern decoration “energy conservation and environmental protection” is the mainstream, so pay attention to this when choosing a faucet. The water -saving leader will save 30-40%of the water than the ordinary leader, and it can save a lot of water expenses at home with the old. There are two main types of water -saving faucets: one is to use a good foam, to inject the air into the water to prevent the water falling from splashing and keeping the rinse effect. ; The other is the “prompt” design of the handle. When the handle is lifted to a certain height, there is an obvious pause, reminding that the amount of water use has increased.


5. style matching


The unity of the decoration style is also more concerned about. In the kitchen, the sink can be matched with different materials and styles, and the faucet mainly reflects the line shape and surface coating.


6. Functional selection


As the production technology of kitchen faucet continues to improve, product design has become more and more humanized. In addition to letting everyone use it, merchants also specifically produce the left handle faucet suitable for left -handed people. In addition, for those different needs such as large kitchen space, directly cleaning with water, like to use spraying methods, enjoying innovation and fun, etc., there are also 360 -degree rotation, pull -up sprinkler, direct rush/nozzle conversion, flexible shape, flexible shape, flexible shape Variable products.

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