Pay attention to the problem of solid wood bed purchase

The production materials of solid wooden beds are derived from nature. They have the advantages of environmental protection and health, which can help everyone create a living environment full of idyllic atmosphere.

Solid wooden beds generally do not add any harmful substances in design and production. Is there any chemical pollution, which is in line with the current concept of environmental protection of people.

What should I pay attention to when buying solid wood bed?


1. Look at the material.

There are many kinds of materials in solid wood, and the performance and price of solid wood beds of different materials are far from the difference. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish which material is solid wood. A simple way to distinguish the hardness and wood grain of wood. The higher the hardness of the wood, the more beautiful the wood grain, the more precious the material.


2. Check the solid wood.

When choosing, consumers can see whether the pattern and scarring of the corresponding position of the bed correspond. First look at a pattern on the outside of the bed, and then see if there is a corresponding pattern on the back of the corresponding position. If the corresponding is good, it is pure solid wood. Finally, see if the solid wood is colored, the real solid surface is generally color difference. In addition, if the solid wood has cracking, scars, insect eyes, and mildew, as long as there are several cases, do not buy it.


3. Check the framework.

Good solid wooden beds are connected by tenon grooves. In places with large local load, screws and protective blocks are also reinforced. When consumers choose a solid wooden bed, they are only fixed with screws, and it is best not to buy it. Consumers can sit on the bed and jump hard a few times to see if the bed will squeak. If so, it is best not to buy it.


4, smell the taste.


See if there is a stimulating odor, if there is a stimulating smell, it is likely that the formaldehyde contained in the surface of the solid wood bed is excessive. Do not buy it when you encounter this situation, which will cause great harm to the body.

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