Living room sofa color selection

Only in the case of matching the home style can the sofa be matched with the unique style of the room. Of course, this requires both the sofa style, and the color should be in line with the overall atmosphere. So, how to choose the color of the sofa?



1. Gray


The proportion of the gray sofa in home cases is estimated to be higher than 50 %. It can be said that it is a versatile choice, and it will almost not make mistakes. It is neutral, it is fickle, without aggressiveness. If you can’t choose color, you can choose gray. If you feel too dull, you can embellish it through bright pillows, vases, lamps, etc.


2. Blue


The proportion of blue fabric sofa is also relatively high. American, modern, Nordic and other style works have appeared. Generally, blue with low saturation is also gray. Compared to gray, the personality must be more clear. With a gray background, it can better reflect the charm of the main character.


3, coffee color


Coffee brown is common in leather sofa, with light coffee and dark colors, sometimes orange. Different depths have different flavors. Due to material reasons, leather sofa itself looks a certain sense of high level.

Dark coffee color is more common in traditional American furniture. For example, American rivet leather sofas are easy to create overall style characteristics with American furniture.


4, black


Although black is also versatile in color, because the environment will appear dark, it is actually used in a large area in the home. The black sofa is used less.


5. White


White is definitely a leather sofa, because if it is a fabric sofa, cleaning is a big problem in the future. Although white is also a versatile color. In the color choices of cabinet doors, wooden doors, white is a hot, but in the choice of the color of the sofa, it is probably the main thing to consider cleaning.


6. Yellow, green, pink


For the application of yellow, green, and pink sofas like this, I really admire the designer’s matching skills. Not only did they not have a sense of disobedience, but I have a clear personality and style. Sometimes when you think about the ability, you should live yourself, which is different.


The principle of matching the color of the living room sofa


Principle 1: Determine the subject color


The sofa is the main furniture of the living room. The color is not a favorite to choose. The key depends on the main color of the entire living room. Big premise: The color of the sofa is determined according to the overall color tone of the living room. Do not buy a sofa before the overall color of the living room is not determined.


Note: Before the wall, floor, floor, and curtains are determined, the color of the sofa is not easy to choose. Because the color of the sofa is determined according to these spaces and objects.


Principles 2: Color cannot exceed three types


The living room sofa, walls, floors, and curtains are relatively large. If they are all different colors, the entire space will appear messy and have no sense of one.


Note: The color of the sofa depends on the overall color, and at the same time, it is necessary to comply with the principles of not allowing the entire living room to exceed three types to ensure the consistency of the living room.


Principles 3: Fixed color according to the wall


The principles of the overall color tone and obeying no more than three colors are determined, and the best way is to determine the color according to the wall. The simplest match based on the color of the wall is: the color of the color of the wall, the Mediterranean, and the deep furniture.


How does the color of the sofa be fixed in the white wall?


1. The wall is white, and the white and any color are 100 pagodas. When the wall is white, the color of the sofa can be selected, as long as it is darker than the ground.


2. Classic combination of black and white gray. When the wall is white, the sofa can choose gray or black. This is a color that will never make mistakes.


3. Bright sofa lights up the living room, which is compared with the white wall. If you don’t want the low -key and simple sense of black, white and gray, you can choose bright colors to light up, such as pink, blue, brown and other bright colors.


How to choose the color of the sofa in the case of non -white wall?


The same color as the wall surface. On the colorful wall, the color of the sofa can choose the dark color of the same color as the wall. This can ensure that the overall color of the living room does not exceed three, and it maintains the overall sense.


Principles 4: Same color as curtains


In addition to the color of the wall, it can also be determined according to the color of the curtains. If the color of the wall is white and does not want versatile color, you can be the same color as the curtain. In this way, the living room is similar and maintains integration.


When the color of the curtain color is set, it is also necessary to follow the above: the same space does not exceed three principles. In the coffee table and accessories, it is necessary to properly cooperate with this principle to maintain the consistent overall color, such as pillows and carpet colors.

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