How to create a satisfied kitchen cabinet

The kitchen is the most used place in daily life. There are many questions that need attention when customized kitchen cabinets. Do you know?



1. Do not use inferior board


In order to create an environmentally friendly and healthy cooking environment, everyone should not choose inferior plates. This is because inferior plate materials may exceed the standard of formaldehyde. In addition to paying attention to the quality of the board, you also need to pay attention to the edge of the cabinet to ensure the environmental protection of the cabinet.



2. Measurement


During the measurement, not only need to pay attention to the distance from the pipeline, the height of the water inlet, the height of the flue, the distance of the drainage pipe from the wall, and the height of the socket. Or is there a bumpy beam on the wall? When you make a hanging cabinet by the window, you must consider whether the screening of the screen is convenient.



3. Mainly practical


When making a cabinet, we should also reasonably arrange the operating table according to the operating process, and it is necessary to design the height of the table, the height of the cabinet, and the height of the light. Beautiful and practical cabinet.



4. Hardware quality affects the overall quality


At present, the quality of the hardware has become an important ruler for measuring the quality of the cabinet. Generally speaking, large brands of cabinets generally use imported hardware to ensure the quality of the cabinet.



Understand your own needs, do budgets and planning before making kitchen decoration, when creating cabinets, what do you think about this? Create your own satisfactory kitchen cabinet according to the space and layout of the kitchen.

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