Hotel mattress procurement skills

For the person in charge of hotel management, there may be a lot of confusion for the first purchase of a hotel mattress. What should I choose? Except for the price of the bottom of my heart, the other pride has no clue. What is it? What kind of hotel mattress is qualified? What should I pay attention to when purchasing? The importance of hotel mattress procurement is high for newly opened hotels! Doing hotel management, people who are responsible for purchasing this piece need to have a high understanding of the above three issues, in order to do their own work.



Let ’s share the standards and precautions of the hotel mattress. Purchase staff can be used as a reference when purchasing.


1. Soft and hard level


Under normal circumstances, the mattress is moderate in moderation, not too soft or too hard. The mattress is too hard to block the blood circulation of the human body. If it is too soft, it will make the human body’s weight not be effective and cause symptoms of back discomfort. (Of course, some people like very soft mattresses. It is recommended that two very soft mattresses can be used to meet the specific requirements of customers)


2. The quality of spring


Springs are particularly important. This is particularly important. This is not only related to the service life of the mattress, reducing unnecessary procurement costs, but also directly affects the overall comfort and rebound of the mattress.


3. Material environmental protection


Is it environmentally friendly? This is related to the health of the guests and the reputation of the hotel. This is a problem that is very worthy of the attention of the hotel. Infinite materials can cause skin allergies, erythema, itching, and it will bring a lot of health hazards. These symptoms do not require too long. Time, 8-10 hours can cause it. At that time, the customer’s complaint is enough to make it difficult for you to eat.


4. Fire design


Whether the fire protection design of the mattress is also very important to pass the level! The hotel is a densely crowded place to fully prevent guests’ lives, property and hotel security threatened.


5. Care and maintenance cost


In bedroom supplies, it must be hygienic. Of course, cleaning is the first. It is recommended to use dismantling and washing mattresses. The cost of disassembly and washing is slightly higher, but in the long run, it is actually cost -effective. Generally, the life of the mattress is 15 years to 20 years. The middle mattress fabric is damaged and soiled, is it changed to the mattress, or is it a coat? This account knows it. The clean and hygienic bedroom must be the image of a hotel.


In the principle of quality priority in the selection and inspection of raw materials, we strictly selects global raw material products with absolute technical advantages and quality assurance to ensure the requirements of high -quality standards for products, and truly achieve harmful substances without formaldehyde, benzene, and create for you to create for you Healthy and environmentally friendly life!

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