Double -layer iron shelf bed advantage

The design of the iron shelf bed is simple and natural. It is thick and natural, and the steel injection steel pipe is not worried about hazardous substances such as formaldehyde. The integrated structure has good load -bearing capacity. Compared with the solid wood bed, it can be used.





There are many options for the types of factory dormitory beds on the market, and the most important factors for the first choice of double -layer iron shelf beds are the more space for the dormitory, because the dormitory space still has some restrictions. If you choose to choose If a single bed will occupy a large space in the dormitory, the space for employee activities is relatively small, and a dormitory can accommodate more employees if you use a dormitory double bed.




The use of double -layer iron shelf beds then have certain benefits in their funds, but the dormitory double -layer beds are also divided into iron and wood. It is lower, and there is no need to perform too much maintenance during use. Therefore, the double -layer iron shelf beds are commonly used in dormitories in the factory.


At last


One of the most important factor in using double -layer iron shelf beds in employee dormitories is that their service life is relatively long, because most of the employees are more active, so they will like to bouncing on the dormitory bed. The bed causes damage, and the double -layer iron shelf bed is not easy to damage even if it is used for a long time. Therefore, it is very suitable for employees in the factory to reduce some unnecessary expenses for the factory.

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