Creative desk improvement work efficiency

The reasonable matching of high -quality creative desks and chairs can not only allow you to work comfortably, but also effectively improve work efficiency and bring you a comfortable office experience.



1. The functionalization of the desktop function


The main function of the desk is to provide a workbench. Its function part is the desktop, while the other parts build and ensure that this function can be implemented. The humanized foundation of the desktop is to ensure that the human body is not too tired at work, which requires the design of the desktop just to be high.


In terms of shape, in order to save effort, it can be designed as an L -shaped or concave arc, which can embed the body and desktop to reduce the movement distance of the limbs. In order to make the desk more secure, the four corners of the desktop should adopt the sideline design and smooth technology to ensure that the desk will not scratch or scratch users.


2. Additional humanized function settings


The desk can be equipped with many humanized components. For example, common screen stations are humanized settings and aim to provide users with privacy and independence. In public office space, everyone can work with peace of mind and will not be disturbed by too much outside.


Of course, the function of the screen station is not only that. The screen can also be used as an embellishment to form a certain aesthetic effect and bring a good style experience to users. After that, there is the ability to optimize the space of the screen.


3. Humanization of the desk storage function


The desk itself has the function of placing items, but it has more storage functions after matching with activity cabinets or side cabinets. These functions are used to place or store items.


However, when designing, we must first consider humanized design, such as the active cabinet with a pulley, just to better cooperate. The handle of the nasal hook drawer is now a humanized design.

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