Buy toilet to choose rainbow or straight?

With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, everyone’s purchase of products is becoming more and more particular. They advocate choosing a practical and cost -effective product. Therefore, some people will have corresponding doubts on the choice of toilet. What about a straight toilet?



The name of the siphon -type toilet is derived from the principle of its flushing. The internal structure of the siphon -type toilet is similar to the S type (pipe).


Compared with the siphon -type toilet, the straight toilet has the advantages of small volume. It is characterized by small and narrow water tank. The drainage port in the toilet is large and the slope is steep. Essence

The siphon -type toilet uses the principle of rainbow suction to discharge sewage, and the straight toilet uses the flushing of water to discharge.


There are certain differences in the flushing capacity of the siphon toilet and the straight rush toilet. Compared with the direct toilet, the straight -type toilet is more concentrated, the local pollution capacity is more thorough, and the time is relatively short. In terms of comprehensive cleaning, the overall cleaning ability of the siphon -type toilet is stronger.


The direct toilet may have the case where local cleaning is not in place, and lower water sealing will easily cause odor. The siphon -type toilet is relatively thorough. Because it has a special water curve and the water cover is higher, the deodorization effect is better.

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