Bathroom shower common failures and repair methods

Bathroom shower, also known as the rosette, because of its uniform and delicate distribution of drainage holes, in the shower will play a role in washing the whole body, promote blood circulation, massage pores. If the shower in the bath when the water flow is large and small, hot and cold, how do we want to repair it?



A, for the shower faucet different problem phenomena for repair and maintenance


1, the faucet has noise


Reason: water pressure is too high; faucet handle sharply closed; hot and cold water pipe fixed poor;

Method: is to turn off all water sources, clean up the scale in the pipes. Reduce the water pressure, avoid rapid closure of the faucet re construction, clean up the pipeline, check the water pipes and connected objects (such as water purifiers, water heaters) there is no poor contact.


2、Shower water output is small


Cause: The water pressure is too low or the shower head is clogged with debris or scale buildup.

Method: Remove the shower head to take out the shower inlet with filter rubber gasket or clean the shower top spray for cleaning.


3、Water temperature often changes


Reason: the pressure difference between hot and cold water is too large, or the water heater to raise the water temperature for too long.

Method: The hot and cold delta valve is adjusted to make the pressure balance to ensure that the water heater water temperature can keep up with the speed of the water.


4, faucet water bifurcation


Reason: bubbler filter scale or debris scale and other dirt clogged.

Method: remove the faucet, clean the filter.



Second, the faucet repair process


Determine the cause of faucet repair – prepare repair tools – shut off the total water gate – repair or replace the faucet – reinstallation – open the water gate test – clean up the site to close.


Faucet repair tools: screwdriver, active wrench, waterproof tape, etc.


In fact, in addition to the cause of the shower itself clogged, there may be a problem with the water heater, remind everyone in the inspection and repair must be disconnected, pay attention to safety.

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