Smart toilet function and purchase skills

Smart toilet has many special features: such as clean hips, clean lower body, cleaning of moving, sitting in circles, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, mute sitting, and so on. The most convenient thing is that in addition to the operation of the button panel, there are also remote control devices to implement these functions. When consumers use it, as long as the remote control is held gently, all functions can be easily implemented.



All kinds of functions of smart toilets


1. Wash the buttocks: Spray warm water with a special nozzle of the hip cleaning to fully clean the hips;


2. Women’s washing: designed for women’s daily hygiene, spray warm water from women’s nozzles, carefully clean to prevent bacterial infections;


3. Washing position adjustment: The user does not need to move the body, and can adjust the washing position backward according to the body shape;


4. Move cleaning: Move back and forth back and forth when washing, expand the scope of cleaning, and enhance the cleaning effect;


5. Massage: Wash the hydraulic pressure changes in rhythm, play a role in massage, and promote blood circulation;


6. Warm stool seat: The computer control keeps the stool at a certain temperature. Even in the cold winter, it will feel warm and comfortable;


7. Temperature adjustment: You can adjust water temperature, seat temperature and wind temperature according to the user’s personal preference;


8. Warm wind drying: blow out comfortable warm air to make the washed hips dry and refreshing; control the temperature by PWM to provide 4 gears of warm air temperature


9. Automatic deodorization: Use cold touch media to deal with odor, remove odor, purify the air; purify the air;


10. Capsules: Use physical damping methods to slow down the stool and the seat circle to avoid impact;


11. Automatic induction: Before you feel the human body, lock and dry the functions to avoid error triggering;


12. Automatic rinse: After the user leaves, the seat instrument is rinsed automatically;


13. Self -cleaning head: When the nozzle is extended or retracted, the small stock water flows automatically to clean the spray head;


14. Power -saving function: According to the use period, the computer controls warm water and seat heating to achieve the purpose of power saving;


15. Wireless remote control: Use the remote control to easily operate each use function;


16. Safety protection: A variety of safety protection measures are taken to the power supply and heating parts to completely eliminate hidden safety hazards. The use of a three -plug ground leakage power line can effectively prevent damage to leakage.


17.Wash, massage, warm ring, luminous and other functions such as warm water, provide better body cleaning effects and comfortable cleaning experience.


18.Double nozzle design, providing hip cleaning and women cleaning, cleaning in place


19.Unique pulse flushing mode, SPA massage effect


20.Antibacterial material is used to reduce cross -infection, healthy choices and water temperatures can be heated, three gear temperature selection, comfortable enjoyment


21.Water flow strength level 3 can be adjusted to meet different needs


22.Slowly slowing the cover, quiet and safe


23.Warm wind drying, no need to use paper, it is more convenient and comfortable to use


24.Double deodorization of wind and ozone, quickly remove odor


25.Selection of power saving mode, more environmentally friendly power saving


26.Lighting starts the blue luminous function, which is convenient for night use


27.Easy disassembly (button disassembly), eliminating the troublesome laxation of the cleaning of the dead corner, some products add a laxative function based on ordinary rinse.


Smart toilet needs a population


1. Each family needs: After the stool, the toilet paper accumulates in the basket of the bathroom, becoming a breeding bed that breeds breeding, which will not only pollute the home environment, but also become the source of virus infection. After using and Zhengzheng Smart toilet, you no longer wipe it with paper, which can save you the troubles of cleaning the paper basket. It can also completely block the source of environmental pollution and virus transmission to defend your health of your and your family.


2. Everyone needs: there are more than 10,000 folds on the surface of the buttocks, breeding all kinds of pollutants and bacteria. Usually our hands are dirty. Due to the folds of the skin surface, it is not as clean as washed with water. And toilet paper is mostly recycled paper, adding fluorescent white agents or talc powder to waste paper. Long -term contact with the skin can easily cause leukemia.


3. Fashion women need: vulva cleaning care is essential for women’s health. 60%of gynecological diseases are caused by pollution due to vulva. Cleaning the vulva is the first line of defense to prevent gynecological diseases. During menstruation and before -after delivery, women are often troubled by inconvenient cleaning. They have a feminine cleaning function with Zhengshuzo toilet, and rinse the special parts of women with soft warm water to keep the body refreshing and prevent germs from invading.


4. Hemorrhoid constipation patients: Everyone will encounter such problems more or less. Smart toilet has a special cleaning function to rinse it in front. Stool, help to stool, eradicate constipation, and detoxify the enema.


5. Weak and elderly needs: As the age increases, the functions of the human body will gradually decrease, including defecation function. The difficulty of stool is almost a problem encountered by all the elderly. With the smart toilet, elderly friends will no longer worry about going to the toilet daily, the elderly are inconvenient to move, bowing or bending down is a very dangerous movement, it is easy to cause hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases, and cannot be ignored.


6. Those who are inconvenient to move: Those with inconvenient actions need to be accompanied by the toilet. It is very inconvenient. With a smart toilet, you only need to touch the smart remote control button. Can solve the problem of toilet by yourself.


7. Pursuing high -quality people needs: The noble life crowd is more focused on the decoration and facilities upgrade of the bathroom. While the smart seat instrument is comfortable and clean after providing your family, it can also show the superior life concept of the housing owners. Pay attention to the essential sanitary ware of the bathroom of high -quality life.


How to choose a smart toilet?


1. Choose according to the structure


According to the connection method of the water tank and the toilet base, the smart toilet has two types: split type and conjoined type. The split -type smart toilet is separated from the water tank from the base. Due to the large volume, the space is large, and the conjoined smart toilet is the one -piece smart toilet is the one. The water tank is connected to the base, the shape is more technological, the solid is also very good, and the area is small.


If your bathroom is small, you can choose a conjoined smart toilet, and its water level is low, so the general pit distance is short, which can increase the rinse, so it is more water -saving. The split -type smart toilet is strong, but the noise is also high, but it is not easy to block. Like the toilet paper, you can directly throw it into the toilet without setting a paper basket.


2. Look at the heating method


The mainstream heating method of smart toilet flushing water is hot storage and thermal type. The principle of heat storage is to heat the flushing water in the water tank through the built -in water tank. The advantage of the advantages of the circuit and water quality is not high, and the price is popular; the disadvantage is that the continuous warmth of the water tank may breed bacteria to breed bacteria. Essence In addition, the capacity of the water tank limits the amount of water available, and increasing the water tank capacity will affect the volume of the toilet.


The heat type does not require a water tank. When the water is out of the water, it is used to heat the flowing water directly to heat the flowing water. The advantage is that the toilet volume is smaller, the water out of water is long, and the hygiene is more guaranteed. The disadvantage is that the electric load is large when heating, but some high -end large brands can have stable water temperature in temperature control.


The two heating methods have their own advantages. We can choose according to our own needs. However, it is recommended that people who pursue quality of life still choose the hot smart toilet, which is not easy to breed bacteria, and the safe water is healthier.


3, look at the control method


The control methods of smart toilet lid are mainly divided into three types: the first is that there is a control panel like a handrail on the side, the second is to fix the control panel on the wall, and the third is the remote control control. The first two are limited by spatial restrictions. For example, the first one has enough space; the second type is often unable to move after fixing, and whether the distance is appropriate and whether it can reach the hand can be considered.


Comprehensive consideration of the third remote control control is more flexible. The remote control can be used alone and can be hung on the wall through the base. Especially for the elderly with poor eyes and poor bodies, it is more convenient to use. Some high -end smart toilets use control panels+remote control methods, which is more convenient to use this smart toilet.


4, look at the water


This can be judged from its sewage caliber. If the sewage caliber is large, it means that its flushing effect is good. It is not easy to have stain adhesion. The sewage is rapid and powerful, which can effectively prevent blockage. At present, the new one is the output of large -caliber pipelines, which represents the market’s recognition of high -efficiency sewage discharge of fast water flushing. The simple test method when buying, putting the entire hand in the section out of the water outlet, can generally have a palm capacity.


Whether we buy ordinary toilets or smart toilets, we must measure the pits first. If there is no advancement of the pit in advance, how does the pits buying the pit do not meet, then buy it in vain! So pit distance is a very important thing. The method of the pits is very simple, that is, the distance from the wall to the center of the sewage outlet!


5., choose according to the material material material


The common smart toilet seat materials on the market include ABS materials and nanomaterials.


①ABS material seat

ABS material is a kind of synthetic resin. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, low temperature, and chemical resistance. It will not oxidize with the changes in the environment, and it will not be easily corroded. The water absorption rate is relatively low, so the moisture -proof ability is better, which can reduce the reproduction and growth of bacteria and achieve the effect of bacteriostatic.


② Nano -material seat circle

The nano -material circle is added to the nano -antibacterial mother granules to the seat. This material is non -toxic and pollution, and green and environmentally friendly. And it can destroy the dehydrogenase in the bacteria, which can kill the bacteria to the greatest extent. The maximum guarantee of the safety of use is more suitable for buying.


6. What features to choose


1. Women’s cleaning: There are two ways: straight lines and shower types sprayed by women’s washing function. It is recommended that you do not choose a straight line, but choose a shower -type water flow, because shower -type water flow is more comprehensive and thorough than the straight water flow, and can also effectively prevent bacterial intrusion.


2. Heating in the stool: The heating of the seat can be said to be the most basic function of the smart toilet, especially in the cold winter is really super practical. As long as you sit up, the toilet can automatically feel heated, and from then on the cold toilet experience in winter.


3. Instant heat live water: There is no water tank, not afraid of breeding bacteria, hot when used, the water temperature is constant, not afraid of cold!


4. Drying function: drying and drying after cleaning, completely farewell to the era of paper towels. The most happy and comfortable place for smart toilets is also derived from warm water rinse and drying function. Clean and hygienic live water cleaning can even solve constipation troubles.


5. Devination function: The automatic deodorization of the smart toilet is very important, especially for a bathroom with poor ventilation. Toilets with deodorization function can effectively prevent bacterial infections, eliminate odor, and solve the odor trouble after the toilet.


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