304 stainless steel faucet is easy to use?

Water is the source of life, so the faucet is the key to taking water in daily life, so we need to understand that the kind of faucet is healthier. Now I will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of the 304 stainless steel faucet.



① Advantages:


1. 304 stainless steel faucet and copper faucet, stainless steel 304 faucet has greater hardness, stronger toughness, stronger and durable.


2. Some 304 stainless steels are very durable, hygienic and environmentally friendly because they are added with other metals, and they also have a lot of benefits to human health.


3. 304 stainless steel and corrosion resistance and alkali resistance. Real 304 stainless steel faucet will not release any harmful metal substances.


② Disadvantages:


1. Because the hardness of stainless steel is very high, the production and processing process of stainless steel is much more difficult than copper; its production loss is also large, the sealing nature needs to be strengthened, and the price is not cheap.


2. Although stainless steel is not easy to rust, there are many counterfeit stainless steel products circulating on the market. After a period of use, such stainless steel products will rust. Therefore, we must choose a big brand of stainless steel hardware to be more guaranteed.


3. The stainless steel industry is still in the development stage. Some manufacturers will add some toxic heavy metals to the standards of hardness and strength during the production and processing. Although it is not clearly checked out how long these heavy metals will be precipitated in the water, it must be paid attention to.

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